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”Klithedegården” - a friendly place with friendly hosts –


Morten Bergholt and Suzi Elena Apelgren


As you enter ”Klithedegården”, you also enter our lives.

”Klithedegården” is a private, but spacious home.

That means, that we also have room for you.



Morten Bergholt is an experienced radio- and TV reporter

with 20 years of experience from the Danish National

Broadcast. Morten is now working freelance.


See www.morten@bergholts-bureau.dk


Suzi Elena Apelgren is freelance

classical singer and mediator/

interpreter of art and culture history.

Suzi was earlier B&B hostess on

the island Ærø for 5 years.


See www.suziapelgren.dk & www.museumsteater.dk


 Together – and separately, they have travelled

the world and have become familiar with meeting

new people and cultures.


“Travelling is living” H.C. Andersen claimed.

The same thing is true when you as a host,

 invite travellers into your private home.


To us, it is not only a matter of a job serving

as B&B hosts. It´s a matter of life style.

Our aim is not only to rent out rooms,

but to give you an experience.






We aim to become the friendliest hosts at the North Sea.

Ferie- og kursusstedet ”Klithedegården”


   Græmvej 41, Husby,  6990 Ulfborg   Tlf. 3069 3975   e-mail :  kontakt@klithedegaarden.dk     www.klithedegaarden.dk